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Final Assignment April 17, 2008

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Chasing The Beast… March 10, 2008

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Podcast Assignment February 25, 2008

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This is my first Podcast. I had no idea what to talk about, so I just though that I would talk about me. Enjoy.


Class February 19, 2008

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For me…it’s Facebook! February 10, 2008

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When I think of a blogger, I think of someone in a fancy coffee shop. This person has a coffee steaming to their left. Perhaps it’s a half-cream, no fat, whipped topping, chocoltey, not so chocolately, blah, blah blah, that cost them fifteen dollars and their first born. The remnants of a scone sit on a fancy small plate beside them. The blogger’s company is a laptop perched on a very small, and not so practical size table. The person is staring at the computer screne, reading up on the latest news of the day. They ignore the people around them, who engage in laughter and conversation as they sip their drinks and talk about their days to their chosen company. The bloggers knows terms like “http” and “twitter”. They check their various accounts, they read what others have to say, and then they type away on their own keyboard until their own “gobbily gook” is expressed on their blog.

I’m not at a coffee shop. I’m actually in the kitchen of the student house I’m living in. To my left is an “Old El Paso Taco Kit” and a jar of salsa. A few feet away from me is a 1 lb. and a half of ground beef slowly browning in a “Breast Cancer Pink” frying pan. My roommate and I went “halfs” on supper tonight. I’m not dressed in a nice shirt and jeans. I’m wearing a black tank-top and a pair of sweatpants I don’t think I’ve washed in a week. My hair is up in an “anything BUT fabulous” style of ponytail and bobby pins, and I’m pretty sure my breath isn’t a bed of roses.

I’m not the stereotype that I thought bloggers were, and just like my views of bloggers, my opinions on Web 2.0 and all those sites filled with resources for bloggers…has changed. (Da da daaaaa!!!!).

I was exposed to blogging last year. My teacher of “Online Journalism”, Wayne, said I was a natural. He exposed me to a world where I could have a creative outlet. I enjoyed this. A few times through the summer, on my spare time, I crafted a couple entries and published them to my “Vox” account ( I have paid attention to my account at Vox. I’ve written a few entries and read what was going on in my neighbourhood. Somewhere between the pass and the fail mark in that class, I found myself on sites such as del.ici.ous and flickr, and this year I have been exposed to Twitter.

Why do we need these? The blogging sites, I understand. But really…why must I have several different sites going at the same time for something I can all get done at my friendly, neighbourhood, Facbook account. I can post pictures on my Facbeook and all my friends can see. Why do I need to upload pics onto a site specifically for that? Why must I have a site completely devoted to updating me on the latest?

I just don’t see the point. I don’t understand the need. My practicle blogging self doesn’t see the joy in knowing that all the work that I do on Facebook I have to repeat using a million different websites that all do the same thing.


Wherever I go, I leave a trail. February 5, 2008

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I have been living at my house now since September. It’s a student house about a fifteen minute walk away from my college. I like living in a student house partly because I get to walk everywhere, and to get anywhere, I need to walk far. I enjoy my excercise and I’ve come to really enjoy that walk that I do to and from school.

On my walks I listen to my MP3 player. I listen to everything from country to “The Oldies” and I love every second of them. I’m sure during the fast songs, there is a little gallop in my step.

I’ve come into the habit of grabbing a snack for my stroll. Usually it’s an apple I grab from a large collection in my kitchen.

I walk along the sidewalks munching away until my teeth hit the core. I then throw the core over my shoulder…and I usually don’t care where it lands. I walk to school maybe two or even three times a day. So…that about two or three apples, unless I grab two, which I tend to do most times.

About a month ago, I had to stop and chuckle on my walk to school. 

I noticed that there was a trail of apple cores along the way.


The best pictures are drunk people taking pictures and drunk people in pictures…

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We all have them. Those pictures that you wonder exactly what you were thinking when the lense pointed at you. The pictures are funny and beyond embarrassment, they are humiliating.



This was taken at a bar downtown Hamilton. I was celebrating with some fellow journalism students at Hess Village, a strip of bars in Hamilton, Ontario. My friend snapped this photo, posted it on Facebook, and when I saw it, I laughed so hard I thought I was going to bust a hyrnia.

Grand Bend

Kimberly and I have been best-friends since Grade 2. I’m her maid of honour in August of 2009. She will be mine in 2045 (probably sooner but for my own sanity, I’m going to say I’m putting of marriage!).

Me in Waterloo

This was taken at 5 in the morning. It was a good night. I got together with some friends in Waterloo. We took a stroll along a street in Waterloo and wondered upon a construction site. This construction site was the victom of many fun and games of the intoxicated.


Vodka…enough said.


This was taken at the last pub of my first year of college in 2007. I was having a good time that night.


Sometimes…… just……..don’t know what to say about photos. Look closely…I’m almost pouring juice on my friend.


First year college. No class the next day.


Where did I get this hat? I don’t remember…


I’m sitting on my boyfriends lap. At this time I think we had been seeing eachother about two months. He cad do better.




I don’t know why.

I know that the madness will continue. I have three months left of school, my fathers’ social side and good times and friends coming my way.